You want to receive money in a way that suits you and with ZipRemit you can receive cash from anyone directly into your ZipWallet, cash pick up, bank account, airtime topup, online groceries and mobile wallet


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Tips For Picking Up Cash

Knowing your money is secure during a transfer is important. But if your transfer will be picked up at a Cash pick up location, it’s just as vital that you’re safe when retrieving your cash. No matter where you are in the world, exercise caution with our safety tips:

Call Ahead

Learn the company’s business hours, and choose a safe time to pick up your cash. Daylight hours are best.

Avoid High-Crime Area

If you have the option of choosing a pickup location, find one in a neighbourhood you know.

Bring Along A Friend

Carrying money alone can make you more vulnerable to theft.

Keep Your Cash Hidden

To avoid being a target, put your money in a wallet or purse before leaving the office.

Deposit your money immediately

The likelihood of losing your money to theft or simple carelessness grows the longer you have it with you. Go straight to a bank to deposit your cash.

Our Coverage Map

Our service opened up a world of options and possibilities beyond your local bank or corner financial stores — options that typically come with convenience, competitive exchange rates, low or no fees and flexible ways to receive hard cash in minutes.

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Country ZipWallet Mobile Money Bank Cash Pickup Agent
Benin Yes MTN, Airtel UBA, CoraBank, CBAO, Ecobank, BAIC,
BSIC, Coris Bank, Bank of Africa
Yes No
Botswana Yes Moov No No
Burkina Faso Yes MTN UBA, CoraBank, CBAO, Ecobank, BAIC,
BSIC, Coris Bank, Bank of Africa
Yes No
Burundi Yes MTN, Econet No No
Cameroon Yes MTN, Orange, Nexttel No No
Chad Yes Airtel No No
Mali Yes Orange, Africell BNDA, OraBank, Ecobank,
Bank of Africa BSIC
Yes No
Congo Yes MTN, Airtel No No
DRC Yes Orange, Airtel, Supercell,
Africell, Vodocom
No No
Cote D'ivor Yes Airtel Citibank, Ecobank, Bank of Africa, CIBC,
UBA, GTA bank, Coris bank
Yes No
Gambia Yes MTN No No
Gabon Yes MTN No No
Ghana Yes Airtel, MTN, Togo, Vodafone Access bank, Ecobank,Bank of Africa,
CIBC, UBA, BSIC, Cal Bank, GTA bank,
Coris bank
Yes No
Guinea Yes MTN, Orange, Cellcom BAO, Ecobank, Orabank Yes No
Kenya Yes Safaricom, Orange, Airtel No No
Malawi Yes Vodafone No No
Niger Yes MTN, Moov, Airtel BIA Niger, CoraBank, CBAO,
Ecobank, Soni bank, BSIC,
Coris Bank, Bank of Africa, BIM s.a
Yes No
Nepal Yes All Banks Yes No
Nigeria Yes Etisalat, MTN, Glo, Airtel No No
Rwanda Yes MTN, Airtel No No
Senegal Yes Tigo, Orange BICIS, BIMAO, Bank of Africa Yes No
Tanzania Yes Tigo No No
Uganda Yes MTN, Airtel No No
Zambia Yes MTN No No
Zimbabwe Yes Econet BANC ABC Yes Yes


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